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Jerome Grimminck
Idiot Inside

Registration Date: 22-Jun-2005
Posts: 230

Name: Jerome Grimminck
Race Number: H9
Country: Netherlands
Equipment: XXTreme XXRacer, Ozone Yakuza

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Here is the new way of racing for the Eurocups.

As we had several questions from riders about the racing way we had in 2006 we have diceded to alter the way of racing and make it more intresting for all the riders and give you all the abillity to qualify for the finals instead of just qualifying for each event and then be able to drive the final races.

The old system was that you drive 2-3 races in your group in an event and you where able to get into it's final's from that event and that score was counted for the overal finals. So if you missed an event you would have full points and you wasn't able anymore to get some serious results. So we have decided to change the way of racing so that every race you drive will count for 2 things: first of all your qualifying and only your qualifying races will count for the overall results no matter in wich group you are. So for example:

You race in the Netherlands in Team A and drive 3 qualifying races.
Your race in Germany in Team B and drive 4 qualifying races.
You race in France in Team A and drive 4 qualifying races.

This means you have raced 11 races and so you are able to wipe 2 bad races (as only per 4 races you may wipe one this will be automaticly done on your worst scores)

So in this way it doenst matter for the final results if you het into the final race of the current event or not.
The final race of the current event is only there to have an event winner and this will be done on the old way so only XX% of each class of each group will be able to qualify itself for the current event winner and there we will hold one or two races. So the best XX% of each class goes to the final event race and battle for the event winner in each class.

For clearaty attached an image where you can see the flow.

Jerome Grimminck has attached this image (reduced version):
Eurocups flow.jpg

Idiot Inside!
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