Results EC 2009 (01 Sep 2009)
Here are the results from France 2009 (JB)
[results 2009] 
Timetable for Oye Plage (21 Aug 2009)
here the timtables for the days. (JB)
[Friday and Saturday] [Sunday] 
Hello Pilotes ! (16 Jun 2009)
Inscription for EC France is open. (JB)
Hello pilots, (14 Dec 2008)
Winners EUROCUPS 2009
Master Women:
Toni Redgrove (K) PKD
Master Men:
Michael Nast (G), LIBRE
Open Women:
Molon Lydie (F), OZONE
Open Men:
Stephan Schapman (F), OZONE
Carl Lennart Redecker (G), GIN
Alexis Verhaeghe (F) (G)
Events 2009
29-30 August 2009
» Oye Plage, France
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